Friday, February 29, 2008

Kansas City

Great Thursday night gig at Knuckleheads, it was good to see our old friends Corky and Bill from Village Records. These guys are your best resource for Americana music, also John Yuelkenbeck who runs our main website and is a Thursday bartender at Dave's Stage Coach Inn. Knuckleheads is located on the edge of Kansas City, but somehow it works. Freight trains pass by every half hour and the sound of moaning whistles melted in perfectly with the new songs like The Most Dangerous Woman in America about Mother Jones. We move on to Columbia, MO and Mt. Olive, IL through the Heartland. I've been doing new songs like "Don't Look Down", "Darkness Visible", "Santa Ana Wind", "Guadalupe", "Crosses of San Carlos", and "Mississippi River Running Backwards."

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