Friday, March 7, 2008

Madison Square Gardens

Cafe Montemarte in Madison. Had to fight off the loud enthusiasm of talking heads and
bad sound system, and come out of this fifteen round gig with a black-eyed triumph.
Some nights one gig can seem like three. The food was great. Madison seems to be a
cultural town. The Capitol is there - looming large over frozen streets and used book
stores. A lot of this sounds like hack writing and whining, but I'm gonna force my way
through to see if I can do a full tour journal. We are filming a bit as well. Three possible
films on the line: tour film, film of Ian Tyson and Tom Russell's workshop at Elko (lots of
great Dylan stories); and the big film on the west - a woman ranching alone in the West -
Claudia Russell. Half way there and need two hundred grand to finish it - if there are twenty
investors out there. Should turn a profit and garner a few awards. Chicago tonight. Columbus, Cleveland, Minnesotta. God's country. Dylan country.


Tom said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for a great show in Madison last night. I have been a fan for a long time, but have never seen you perform "live" before. We really enjoyed it. Thanks also to you and Ricky for signing the cd's. I love "Hotwalker." Only trouble is that "Lost Angel of Lyon" won't play (defective) Just my luck! Anyway, have a great tour and hope to catch you again somewhere. Like I told you, please come back to Wisconsin!
Thanks, Tom and Charlotte

Tom said...

Sorry, don't know what I was thinking. What I meant to say was, thanks to you and Michael for signing the cd's, Ricky Martin? Isn't he some kind of "pop star?" LOL

Chicago Socialista said...

Last night (Berwyn) was the 5th time I've seen you live. I'm never, ever bored and I thank you. Lots of artists just phone in the gigs these days and you really bring it, Tom. I do miss Andrew playing with you, but Mike's style sounds great too.

How does one invest in the film? I just got my tax refund so I can toss a Benjamin your way.

Take care,

Saddle Tramp said...

Hey Tom . . . you better write a song about Hank's coat before I do.

"You can see the lights of El Paso from Tornillo . . . "

Great road reportage! Safe trip home.

- Saddle Tramp