Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Good news. Those of you looking for Borderland or Wounded Heart of America, they are now available on our new label Shout Factory .
We're excited about this, because they're reissuing the entire Hightone catalogue.
Please check out their website. They are also planning a double disc compellation of Tom Russell songs. This should be coming out in late fall. There might be some surprises on here.


dynawebb said...

Espoecially good to hear about the new comp: and even more so the possible surprises - time for Museum Of Memories II..??

Saddle Tramp said...

TR ... I second the motion on the new compilation and for MOM2. If they were one in the same, but ...

First a disclaimer. This is first and foremost to and for Tom Russell. Anything else that happens is purely accidental and he's a very busy man.
TR, glad to hear of your transition over to Shout. A great catalog and you are with great company. If, after anyone has bought all things Tom Russell on Shout and they still have some spare change I would recommend "The Harry Smith Project" in the boxed set with DVD version, if you can. I could listen to Bob Neuwirth sing " I wish I was a mole in the ground " for days. As a mantra. Just push (repeat). "The Harry Smith Project " is a great adjunct to the original " Harry Smith Anthology " where Dylan [borrowed] many of his influences.
Einstein said that the secret to genius is to never reveal your sources. He would know. They also have a comprehensive Lenny Bruce boxed set with duct tape and all.
Fortunate for us, Tom graciously allows us inside of his world and is always scouting ahead for the rest of us.
Tom, I recently delivered to Franz Bakery (since 1906) in downtown Portland. After unloading I grabbed a Radio Cab and headed to Powell's Books. For those not familiar, Powells' is the largest independent bookstore ( new and used) in the world. The building was originally a multi-floor car dealership. The only problem is that you need to schedule a vacation's worth of time to explore all of it. I picked up a used copy of " The Hobo " by Nels Anderson (1923 The University of Chicago Press ) as well as another of Bukowski's Selected Letters ( an education in itself ).
Tom, your " Tough Company " which I understand is in it's second printing is especially good because of the personal flavor and all the extras.
I have been to City Lights Books where they keep Bukowski close to the cash register and I have been to Archer City and Larry McMurty's Booked Up stores where I saw Larry pushing a two wheeler down the sidewalk, stacked with books and then disappear into his other store across the street to close it up for the night. He came back into the main store where I was. I enjoyed a brief discussion of his then most recent book "Roads" (A Travel Essay). This was at a time when he still lived full time in Archer City. The last I heard he moved to Tucson in protest of the increase in taxes in Archer City, but still returned to AC on occasion and did not sell his mansion. I know the guy who mows his lawn.
All three of these bookstores are a destination worth the price of a plane ticket. Unfortunately, my visits were only for a few hours.
Tom, really looking forward to the new compilation and those "surprises".

" There is only one thing worse than arrogance ...

someone who cannot back it up ".

I was delivering to Winter Haven, FL where I had been several times already. It requires a double blind side back up. This time however there was the added difficulty of a trailer dropped in the way, plus getting the draw of the inside bay. I got lucky and made the entire back up without an extra move. The receiver there is a hard ass Cuban named Juan. Juan had never been known to say a single word to a driver. He would just take your paper work and with a grunt, dismiss you. After I backed into the bay Juan came up to me smiling and said " Man, I have never seen anyone ever do that in all my time here ". That made my day. We have been friendly ever since. He's really a nice guy after you break through the crust. I would also add:

" Self congratulations is the worst kind ...

unless of course it is much deserved "

Tom Russell can and does " back it up " and congratulations are most certainly deserved.

From Portland, OR to Hood River, OR to Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and currently in Tulare, CA ( at Totally Tankers Tank Wash ) where they have excellent Wi-Fi.

An invisible success
Address: America


Neil Crabtree said...

I bought both Borderland and Wounded and they have shipped already. great news.

Saddletramp, may I suggest you get your own free blog from Google, rather than using TR's comment section for your long but well-considered comments. This is considered rude in Blog land. You're a good guy and mean well, but it's like climbing on the stage while someone else is singing. You deserve your own platform. I'd read it.