Monday, March 10, 2008

After the Great Blizzard of 08

Guy in a white beard claims the blog lacks blood and guts. Edge! Sordid details! You want Bukowski? He's a doornail now. Dead. I think we agreed to add a few more web blogs to see if we could extend out into whatever cyber-space is... and add a few minds and bodies to the listener base. But it's a pain in the ass and seems bloodless. The bottom line is we believe in the songs. The blog is just a daily excercise in road rage and trail work. Some people enjoy the boring details. Others expect literature and the level of song. The mysterious door to great songs will never be opened in a blog. The word "blog" is ugly. Go ask Alice. Well, what am I thinking, dear reader? Literaure is a dead pony. Bob Dylan killed poetry in America, or at least the need to even look at poetry, and every hack academic lit teacher at every community college knows that. USA Today and The New Yorker etc depend on the hope of new and happening novelists, poets and songwriters - the rickety card table of our culture is a collapsing. The high water mark was Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" and "Blonde on Blonde".....the great journalists were Grover Lewis, AJ Leibling, and Joseph Mitchell....the great boxer was Muhammad Ali....the great novelists Hemingway, Salinger, Greene....we've been smothered by political correctness (That's why Spaulding Gray jumped into the East River.).
At least the goddamn election is a horse race of the first courses should be turned into Buffalo reserves....Insurance salesmen are still pushing the heart attack machine....I won't record another record of new songs until I think I have 12 great ones. (from my own heart view)...songs I want to sing.
Those record exec's who claim downloading destroyed the business also know that most young songwriters cannot come up with enough songs to fill an one-song downloading fits the younger audience. The average NPR and Digital Radio listener still wants to hold an album in his or her hands.....still wants a work of art. We are all praying for that experience. Art! A wall filled with Van Gogh paintings.
Enough ranting....we survived the blizzard of 2008. We have a great tour of the UK solid in October...I want a case of Chalk Hill Chardonnay....can you arrange it? The guy with the white beard? Then I will continue to deliver the rant.....your reporter from the shadows of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Roman said...

If someone wants blood and guts, rent a thriller!

I like your blog, I read it on my break from work.

It's a nice way of connecting, just like music, poetry and all the other arts.

bluzfrek said...

I've enjoyed the blog for the short time I've been receiving it. I like the way it is, and I hope you keep it up. I'm not looking for the great American novel, or the next great American song, or...Just a good read about the road, the ups and the downs.

Unknown said...

Ah, the blog. Such a seductive mistress. Like visiting the Sirens, it seems like a good idea until you crash on the rocks.

It starts out as a bit of a laugh, a way to organize your thoughts. But then the next day comes and a blank page all over again and the fans expect more, more, more.

Dance for me monkey. Open your soul to me so I can pass the time on my boss' dime. I'll forget all about what you wrote 10 minutes from now, but I'll come back tomorrow demanding another piece of you....

james said...

domlazz get over yourself! it's only a blog! Don't write if you don't feel like it!