Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dylan Country

19 degrees in Niswa Minn. Gritty gig in Cleveland then three hour night drive - seven hour day drive to Cedar Rapids. Smokestack sunset. Art gig with Mel and John. Another seven hours to
Niswa Minnesota. Bob Dylan country. Saw St. Cloud prision out of Dylan's "The Walls of Red Wing." Ate Jambalaya and played the town hall. Back down Hwy 94 to the twin cities....then back up to St. Cloud to end the tour tomorrow. Bobby Vee lives St. Cloud. Dylan's first pro gig as a piano player in Fargo. Paul Bunyan statues and a report that it's 81 degrees in El Paso. Time to go home and irrigate my fruit trees. Been listening to Penny Lang, Amy Winehouse, Jim Ringer, Dave Moore and Tex Ritter. "If money was meat, we couldn't draw flies....from the Hubbardville Store." (Larry Murray)

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Saddle Tramp said...

TR. . . . the perpetual travelogue rolls on and . . .
" They killed off Huck Finn long ago . . .
with their political correctness, and now (America)
and Tom Russells' wounded heart take their last
stand. Dylan said that he was not sure who was
in charge; God or the devil . . . We will see ".

From the Santa Rosa, New Mexico TA. Fueling up and then on up to Hwy 54 going by The Dalton Gangs' Hideout.
Gunsmoke country en route to Waupun, WI. and the End of the Trail sculpture. Drive on . . . -ST